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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
 St. Louis's Incredible Pizza CompanySt. Louis, Missouri, USAOperating2008 or earlier110 mi
Six Flags St. LouisEureka, Missouri, USAOperating1971922 mi
Miner Mike's Adventure TownOsage Beach, Missouri, USAOperating1130 mi
 BigShot Amusement ParkLinn Creek, Missouri, USAOperating-135 mi
Grady's Family Fun ParkBloomington, Illinois, USAOperating1970s1143 mi
Holiday WorldSanta Claus, Indiana, USAOperating8/3/19465188 mi
Enchanted ForestUtica, Illinois, USAOperating2006-196 mi
 Dogwood LakesDunmor, Kentucky, USAOperating1995 or earlier-210 mi
The Branson CoasterBranson, Missouri, USAUnder Construction20171213 mi
Branson Mountain Adventure ParkBranson, Missouri, USAOperating8/12/20161215 mi
Silver Dollar CityBranson, Missouri, USAOperating19606215 mi
Columbian ParkLafayette, Indiana, USAOperating-220 mi
Worlds of FunKansas City, Missouri, USAOperating5/26/19737227 mi
Haunted TrailsJoliet, Illinois, USAOperating19881232 mi
PowerPlay Family Entertainment CenterKansas City, Missouri, USAOperating20141234 mi
Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis, Indiana, USAOperating4/18/19641234 mi
Harvest Tyme Pumpkin PatchLowell, Indiana, USAOperating20081240 mi
Beech BendBowling Green, Kentucky, USAOperating18983241 mi
 Incredible Pizza CompanyCordova, Tennessee, USAOperating12/20071243 mi
Kentucky KingdomLouisville, Kentucky, USAOperating5/23/19875249 mi
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