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Near = Golden City (Venyovsky, Tula, Russia)
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Amusement Park
Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
Central ParkTula, Tula, RussiaOperating218.3 mi
Luna Park CarouselKolomna, Moscow, RussiaOperating173 mi
 Park TalalikhinaPodolsk, Moscow, RussiaOperating192.7 mi
KolomenskoyeMoscow City, RussiaOperating - 1108.1 mi
CosmicMoscow City, RussiaOperating1109.1 mi
 Dream IslandMoscow City, RussiaUnder Construction2109.5 mi
Luna Park "Carousel" on Poklonnaya HillMoscow City, RussiaOperating2113 mi
CosmicMoscow City, RussiaOperating1113.6 mi
Little PlaygroundMoscow City, RussiaOperating1114.7 mi
Chudo ParkElektrostal, Moscow, RussiaOperating1116 mi
Family Park SkazkaMoscow City, RussiaOperating - 2116.4 mi
Sokolniki ParkMoscow City, RussiaOperating1116.4 mi
GrinnlandiyaOryol, Oryol, RussiaOperating1117.4 mi
AttraparkMoscow City, RussiaSBNO2118.8 mi
Park Severnoye TushinoMoscow City, RussiaOperating1122.3 mi
ChayLend ParkMytishchi, Moscow, RussiaOperating1124 mi
Detskiy GorodokShchyolkovo, Moscow, RussiaOperating1124.5 mi
 Yakhroma ParkYakhroma, Moscow, RussiaOperating1149.8 mi
 Central ParkBryansk, Bryansk, RussiaOperating1161 mi
Friendship ParkVladimir, Vladimir, RussiaOperating1164.8 mi
 Park 50 Let PobedyTambov, Tambov, RussiaOperating - 1168.4 mi
Park AttraktsionovVoronezh, Voronezh, RussiaOperating3168.5 mi
 Park of Culture and RestTambov, Tambov, RussiaOperating1170.9 mi
 Your ParkVoronezh, Voronezh, RussiaOperating1178.6 mi

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