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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
Adventure CityAnaheim, California, USAOperating19942228 mi
 SkyPark at Santa's VillageSkyforest, California, USAOperating1954-229 mi
DisneylandAnaheim, California, USAOperating7/17/19554230 mi
Disney California Adventure ParkAnaheim, California, USAOperating2/8/20012230 mi
 BoomersFountain Valley, California, USAOperating1994 or earlier1234 mi
Fiesta Village Family Fun ParkColton, California, USAOperating19741235 mi
 Splash Kingdom WaterparkRedlands, California, USAOperating1996-236 mi
Castle Amusement ParkRiverside, California, USAOperating19763237 mi
 John's Incredible Pizza CompanyRiverside, California, USAOperating10/26/2007-241 mi
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