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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
 Rotary Storyland and PlaylandFresno, California, USASBNO195516 mi
Kiwanis KiddielandMerced, California, USAOperating1957155 mi
Gilroy Gardens Family Theme ParkGilroy, California, USAOperating19772106 mi
 Fun Town at Micke GroveLodi, California, USAOperating1950s1123 mi
Happy Hollow Park and ZooSan Jose, California, USAOperating1123 mi
Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkSanta Cruz, California, USAOperating6/22/19073127 mi
California's Great AmericaSanta Clara, California, USAOperating5/20/19768130 mi
Oakland ZooOakland, California, USAOperating1148 mi
 Heavenly Mountain ResortSouth Lake Tahoe, California, USAOperating12/15/19551150 mi
 Pixieland Amusement ParkConcord, California, USAOperating19701151 mi
Funderland Amusement ParkSacramento, California, USAOperating19461155 mi
Scandia Family Fun CenterSacramento, California, USAOperating19771157 mi
John's Incredible Pizza CompanyRoseville, California, USAOperating3/6/2007-159 mi
Six Flags Discovery KingdomVallejo, California, USAOperating19868166 mi
Six Flags Magic MountainValencia, California, USAOperating5/29/197119175 mi
Sonoma TrainTown RailroadSonoma, California, USAOperating19681181 mi
 Playland ParkReno, Nevada, USAOperating-189 mi
 Wild IslandSparks, Nevada, USAOperating-189 mi
Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal City, California, USAOperating6/15/19642199 mi
Pacific ParkSanta Monica, California, USAOperating5/25/19961204 mi
 Los Angeles County FairgroundsPomona, California, USAOperating-217 mi
 Boomers Family Fun CenterUpland, California, USAOperating1993 or earlier-220 mi
Scandia Amusement ParkOntario, California, USAOperating3/20/19922226 mi
Knott's Berry FarmBuena Park, California, USAOperating19409226 mi
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