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Amusement Parks
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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
Aoyun Fuwa ParadiseFengtai, Beijing, ChinaOperating-
Beijing Amusement ParkChongwen, Beijing, ChinaOperating-
Beijing CarnivalChaoyang, Beijing, China- - -
Beijing International Sculpture ParkShijingshan, Beijing, ChinaOperating2
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement ParkShijingshan, Beijing, ChinaOperating6
Beijing World ParkFengtai, Beijing, ChinaOperating1
 Beijing Xiangtang International Agricultural Sightseeing GardenChangping, Beijing, China- - -
Beixiaohe ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating - 1
Crab Island Children's Theme ParkChaoyang, Beijing, China--
Crab Island ResortChaoyang, Beijing, China--
Dawangjing ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating1
Green Island Amusement ParkTongzhou, Beijing, ChinaOperating2
Happy ValleyChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating6
Hongluo TempleHuairou, Beijing, ChinaOperating1
Huangcun ParkDaxing, Beijing, ChinaOperating-
Jiangfu ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating - 1
 Jingdong Large CavePinggu, Beijing, ChinaOperating1
 Journey to the West Theme ParkChangping, Beijing, ChinaOperating1
Lianhuachi ParkFengtai, Beijing, ChinaOperating-
 Miyun International Amusement ParkMiyun, Beijing, China-s-
Olympic Forest ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating - 1
Qingfeng ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating1
Qinglonghu Water Amusement ParkFangshan, Beijing, ChinaOperating - 1
 Rabbit ForestChangping, Beijing, ChinaOperating1

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