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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 Edelweiss ParkBarnaul, Altai Krai, RussiaOperating2004 - 20091
 Solar WindBarnaul, Altai Krai, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 City ParkBelogorsk, Amur, RussiaOperating2003 or earlier1
 Fun YardArkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 Yakutov ParkUfa, Bashkortostan, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 Gafuri ParkUfa, Bashkortostan, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 Judah Miracle CityGubkin, Belgorod, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 Anniversary ParkUlan-Ude, Buryat, RussiaOperating20071
 Park OreshkovaUlan-Ude, Buryat, RussiaOperating2006 - 20091
 Park of Maternal GloryGrozny, Chechnya, RussiaOperating2002 or earlier1
 Pushkin ParkChelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, RussiaOperating2002 or earlier2
 Gagarin ParkChelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, RussiaOperating2000 or earlier1
 Reduktornii ParkMakhachkala, Dagestan, RussiaOperating2005 or earlier2
 Central ParkKaliningrad, Kaliningrad, RussiaOperating2003 or earlier2
 PKiO YunostKaliningrad, Kaliningrad, RussiaOperating2003 or earlier1
 Culture and Rest ParkPetrozavodsk, Karelia, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 PKiO Park ChudesKemerovo, Kemerovo, RussiaOperating2006 or earlier1
 PKiO imeni GagarinaNovokuznetsk, Kemerovo, RussiaOperating2005 or earlier1
 Fancy FoxNovokuznetsk, Kemerovo, RussiaOperating20141
 Solnechnyy GorodokProkopyevsk, Kemerovo, RussiaOperating2004 or earlier1
 Gorodskoy ParkKhabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai, RussiaOperating2001 - 20021
 Park SudostroiteleyKomsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai, RussiaOperating2002 or earlier1
 Gagarin ParkKomsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai, RussiaOperating2002 or earlier-
 Orlyonok ParkAbakan, Khakassia, RussiaOperating2002 or earlier1
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