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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 72 Tan ParkQom, Qom, IranOperating2005 or earlier-
 Ahvaz Amusement ParkAhvaz, Khuzestan, IranOperating2005 or earlier1
 Alavi ParkQom, Qom, IranOperating2005 or earlier1
Azadi ParkShiraz, Fārs, IranOperating2001 or earlier1
Baghlar Baghlari Amusement ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating2003 or earlier1
Be'sat ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2008 or earlier1
 Chamran ParkKaraj, Tehran, IranOperating2007 or earlier1
 City of GamesKermanshah, Kermanshah, IranOperating2005 or earlier1
 Dalfak Amusement ParkQazvin, Qazvin, IranOperating2011 - 20122
 Diarenoon ParkNajafabad, Isfahan, IranOperating2002 or earlier1
 Dream LandIsfahan, Isfahan, IranOperating8/25/20143
El Goli Amusement ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating1979 or earlier2
Eram ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2000 or earlier5
 Ganjnameh Tourist Resort ComplexHamedan, Hamedan, IranOperating2012 or earlier1
 Golabdarre ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating20111
 Heyran Tourism VillageAstara, Gilan, IranOperating2014 or earlier1
 IranlandShiraz, Fārs, IranOperating20131
 Jangali ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2005 - 20091
Kosar ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating19971
 Kuhestan Amusement ParkMashhad, Razavi Khorasan, IranOperating2002 or earlier1
 Mellat Amusement ParkMashhad, Razavi Khorasan, IranOperating2004 or earlier2
 Nzhadflah Amusement ParkKaraj, Alborz, IranOperating2004 - 20081
 Orumieh ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2003 or earlier1
 Orumieh ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2005 or earlier1
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