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Azadi ParkShiraz, Fārs, IranOperating2001 or earlier15/5/2010
 Orumieh ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2003 or earlier15/5/2010
 Kuhestan Amusement ParkMashhad, Razavi Khorasan, IranOperating2002 or earlier111/4/2010
 Plays ParkKerman, Kerman, IranOperating2002 or earlier12/1/2011
El Goli Amusement ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating1979 or earlier26/24/2012
 City of GamesKermanshah, Kermanshah, IranOperating2005 or earlier112/8/2012
 Varamin ParkVaramin, Tehran, IranOperating2002 or earlier-12/8/2012
 72 Tan ParkQom, Qom, IranOperating2005 or earlier-12/9/2012
 Ahvaz Amusement ParkAhvaz, Khuzestan, IranOperating2005 or earlier112/10/2012
Shahin Shahr City ParkShahin Shahr, Isfahan, IranOperating2005 or earlier112/13/2012
 Jangali ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2005 - 200914/28/2013
 White Horse Amusement ParkShahroud, Semnan, IranOperating2012112/10/2013
Kosar ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating1997112/15/2013
 River City ParkIsfahan, Isfahan, IranOperating2001 or earlier112/15/2013
 IranlandShiraz, Fārs, IranOperating201312/7/2014
 Orumieh ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2005 or earlier19/26/2014
 Sarzamin-e KhorshidMashhad, Razavi Khorasan, IranOperating2004 - 2009112/8/2014
 Shorabil ParkArdabil, Ardabil, IranOperating2010 or earlier112/11/2014
 Dream LandIsfahan, Isfahan, IranOperating8/25/2014312/9/2015
 Rangin Kaman Amusement ParkHamedan, Hamedan, IranOperating2011 - 201415/6/2016
 Dalfak Amusement ParkQazvin, Qazvin, IranOperating2011 - 201229/21/2016
 Diarenoon ParkNajafabad, Isfahan, IranOperating2002 or earlier19/21/2016
 Nzhadflah Amusement ParkKaraj, Alborz, IranOperating2004 - 200819/30/2016
 Sirjan Amusement ParkSirjan, Kerman, IranOperating2004 or earlier11/28/2017
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