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Amusement Parks
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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 Blue Stream Children's PlaygroundJin'an, Lu'an, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
 Cao Cao ParkQiaocheng, Bozhou, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
 Children's ParkDaguan, Anqing, Anhui, ChinaOperating-
 Chizhou Happy WorldGuichi, Chizhou, Anhui, ChinaOperating - 3
 Dapu Happy IslandNanling, Wuhu, Anhui, ChinaOperating - 1
 Daqingshan Wildlife ParkDangtu, Ma'anshan, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
 Delta ParkYongqiao, Suzhou, Anhui, ChinaOperating2
 Ertong ParadiseXiangshan, Huaibei, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
Fantawild AdventureJinghu, Wuhu, Anhui, ChinaOperating4
Fantawild DreamlandJiujiang, Wuhu, Anhui, ChinaOperating3
 Fuyang Ecological ParkYingquan, Fuyang, Anhui, ChinaOperating3
 Gaotao Cultural and Creative ParkJin'an, Lu'an, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
 Grimm's Fairy Tale WorldLinquan, Fuyang, Anhui, ChinaOperating2
Hefei Happy IslandShushan, Hefei, Anhui, ChinaOperating - 1
Hefei Sunac LandBaohe, Hefei, Anhui, ChinaOperating4
Hefei Wildlife ParkShushan, Hefei, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
Huachong ParkYaohai, Hefei, Anhui, ChinaOperating-
Huagudeng CarnivalBengshan, Bengbu, Anhui, ChinaOperating2
 Huaibei Happy WorldDuji, Huaibei, Anhui, ChinaOperating3
 Jiang Shang ParkLinquan, Fuyang, Anhui, China--
 Jiling Mountain Children's ParkTunxi, Huangshan, Anhui, ChinaOperating1
Jinling Happy WorldJin'an, Lu'an, Anhui, China--
 Kangqiang Happy WorldNanqiao, Chuzhou, Anhui, ChinaOperating3
Longhu ParkTianjia'an, Huainan, Anhui, ChinaOperating2

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