Erieview Park (Geneva, Ohio, USA)

Removed, Operated from 1961 to 9/9/2006

Roller Coaster · Steel · Sit Down

Make: B. A. Schiff & Associates


Trains:Single train with 5 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 10 riders.
Facts:Portable low-boy model.

A 1959 issue of Billboard Magazine reports "Pera's Summer Resort" (the name of Erieview Park at the time) purchased a steel roller coaster in early 1959.  This conflicts with the information above provided by a manager of Erieview Park.
Etymology:The Brat's name came from a group of particularly rambunctious YMCA kids riding one day.  The name stuck with the ride operators.

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Brat - Erieview Park (Geneva, Ohio, USA)

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Brat - Erieview Park (Geneva, Ohio, USA)