Terra Mítica (Benidorm, Alicante, Spain)

Operating since 3/15/2003

Roller Coaster · Steel · Inverted · Extreme

Make: Vekoma
Model: SLC / SLC (689m Standard)


Length:2,260.5 ft
Height:109.3 ft
Speed:49.7 mph
Elements:Roll Over
Double In-Line Twist
Capacity:1,040 riders per hour


Former names:Tizona (2003 to 2008)
Trains:2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train.
Etymology:Tizona is the name of the Spanish mythical hero El Cid's sword.
Location:Located in the Iberia zone through the 2008 season.  For the 2009 season it was relocated to the Greece section of the park.

Titánide - Terra Mítica (Benidorm, Alicante, Spain)

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Titánide - Terra Mítica (Benidorm, Alicante, Spain)