Space Mountain

Disneyland (Anaheim, California, USA)

Removed, Operated from 5/27/1977 to 4/9/2003

Roller Coaster · Steel · Sit Down

Make: Walter Elias Disney


Length:3,459 ft
Speed:32 mph
Capacity:2,000 riders per hour


Trains:12 trains with 2 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 12 riders per train.
Facts:Once sponsored by FedEx.

Space Mountain closed on 4/9/2003 to undergo a major refurbishment.  The entire roller coaster contained within the Space Mountain structure was replaced.  Since all the ride hardware changed, a new entry was created for the new Space Mountain which opened in 2005 for the park's 50th anniversary.
Theme:Strobe lights and star machines to create space effect.

A soundtrack was added in 1996 -- Aquarium of the Animals remixed by Dick Dale.

Space Mountain - Disneyland (Anaheim, California, USA)

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Space Mountain - Disneyland (Anaheim, California, USA)