Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Operating since 7/3/1975

Roller Coaster · Wood · Sit Down

Make: Harry C. Baker

Track layout: Cyclone


Length:2,850.3 ft
Height:85 ft
Speed:60 mph
Max Vertical Angle:58.6°


Former status:SBNO from 1970 to 7/2/1975
Operated from 6/26/1927 to 1969
Cost:$175,000 USD
Designer:Vernon Keenan
Trains:3 trains with 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 4 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.
Restraints: Single position lap bar
History:Named a National Historical Landmark on 6/26/91 -- its 64th birthday.

In the spring of 1972 the Cyclone was in danger of being demolished to make way for a proposed expansion of aquarium just east of the Cyclone.  Thanks to the efforts of the "Save the Cyclone" campaign, Astroland park, just to the west, leased the land and reopened the Cyclone.

Cyclone - Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

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Cyclone - Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)