Playland Park (Justice, Illinois, USA)

Removed, Operated from 1960s to 1974 - 1975

Roller Coaster · Steel · Sit Down · Family

Track layout: Out and Back


Facts:The Cyclone was an in-house built out-and-back coaster with a 4-5 car train painted yellow and red.  The structure was made of both wood and steel, but the roller coaster used steel track.  For a small roller coaster with perhaps a 40' lift, the Cyclone had a number of hills with surprising air-time.

The coaster was put into storage in 1974 or 1975 as IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) need the land to expand a bridge on US Hwy 45.  Eventually the coaster was scrapped.

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Cyclone - Playland Park (Justice, Illinois, USA)

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Cyclone - Playland Park (Justice, Illinois, USA)