Santa's Village (Skyforest, California, USA)

Removed, Operated from 1962 to 3/1/1998

Roller Coaster · Steel · Sit Down · Kiddie

Make: Allan Herschell Company
Model: Kiddie Coaster / Little Dipper

Track layout: Oval


Trains:Single train with 3 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 12 riders.
Notes:In the unreleased article "Santa's Village: an end of innocence" by Tony Gonzalez, Tony writes "The American Crane & Hoist built Bumblebee monorail and Bradley/Kaye built bobsled opened in 1962."  This is a bit confusing as David Bradley sold his kiddie coaster design to Allan Herschell in the late 1940s.  In addition the trains on the Bobsled match the style used by Allan Herschell starting in 1960.  Perhaps the article has interchanged "built" with "designed".

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Bobsled - Santa's Village (Skyforest, California, USA)

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Bobsled - Santa's Village (Skyforest, California, USA)