Six Flags Over Texas

2201 Road To Six Flags

Operating since 8/4/1961

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Telephone: 817-640-8900

Existing Roller Coasters (12)

Batman The RideSteelInverted5/26/1999Operating
Judge Roy ScreamWoodSit Down3/1/1980Operating
La ViboraSteelBobsled1987Operating
Mini Mine TrainSteelSit Down1969Operating
Mr. Freeze Reverse BlastSteelSit Down1998Operating
New Texas GiantSteelSit Down4/22/2011Operating
PandemoniumSteelSit Down5/17/2008Operating
Runaway Mine TrainSteelSit Down8/1966Operating
Runaway MountainSteelSit Down1996Operating
Shock WaveSteelSit Down4/22/1978Operating
TitanSteelSit Down4/27/2001Operating
Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon BlasterSteelSit Down3/10/2001Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (4)

Big BendSteelSit Down197111/25/1979
CucarachaSteelSit Down8/4/19611964
FlashbackSteelSit Down19899/3/2012
Texas GiantWoodSit Down3/17/199011/1/2009


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Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas, USA)

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Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas, USA)