Worlds of Fun

4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue

Operating since 5/26/1973

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Telephone: 816-454-4545

Existing Roller Coasters (7)

BoomerangSteelSit Down4/8/2000Operating
Cosmic CoasterSteelSit Down4/3/1993Operating
MambaSteelSit Down4/18/1998Operating
ProwlerWoodSit Down5/2/2009Operating
Spinning DragonsSteelSit Down4/17/2004Operating
Timber WolfWoodSit Down4/1/1989Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (5)

ExtremerollerSteelSit Down19761988
Orient ExpressSteelSit Down4/4/198010/26/2003
SchussboomerSteelSit Down5/26/19731984
Silly SerpentSteelSit Down5/26/19731987
Zambezi ZingerSteelSit Down5/26/19731997


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Theme:Theme based on Jules Verne's story "Around the World in Eighty Days."

Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

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Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)