California's Great America

2401 Agnew Road

Operating since 5/20/1976

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Telephone: 408-988-1776

Existing Roller Coasters (8)

DemonSteelSit Down5/20/1976Operating
Flight DeckSteelInverted3/19/1993Operating
Gold StrikerWoodSit Down5/31/2013Operating
GrizzlyWoodSit Down1986Operating
Psycho MouseSteelSit Down3/24/2001Operating
Taxi JamSteelSit Down1999Operating
VortexSteelStand Up3/9/1991Operating
Woodstock's ExpressSteelSit Down1987Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (5)

Greased Lightnin'SteelSit Down7/8/19772002
Gulf CoasterSteelSit Down19761980
WhizzerSteelSit Down19761988


Former names:Great America (2007)
Paramount's Great America (1993 to 2006)
Great America (1985 to 1992)
Marriott's Great America (1976 to 1984)
Fan web sites:GREAT AMERICA Parks
Trivia:Several scenes of the 1994 movie Beverly Hills Cop III were filmed at Paramount's Great America.

California's Great America (Santa Clara, California, USA)

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California's Great America (Santa Clara, California, USA)