Knott's Berry Farm

8039 Beach Blvd

Operating since 1940

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Telephone: 714-220-5200

Existing Roller Coasters (10)

BoomerangSteelSit Down4/6/1990Operating
Coast RiderSteelSit Down5/25/2013Operating
GhostRiderWoodSit Down12/8/1998Operating
Jaguar!SteelSit Down6/17/1995Operating
Montezooma's RevengeSteelSit Down5/21/1978Operating
Pony ExpressSteelSit Down5/22/2008Operating
Sierra SidewinderSteelSit Down5/26/2007Operating
Silver BulletSteelInverted12/7/2004Operating
Timberline TwisterSteelSit Down1983Operating
XceleratorSteelSit Down6/22/2002Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (3)

CorkscrewSteelSit Down19751989
Wacky Soap Box RacersSteelSit Down19761996
Windjammer Surf RacersSteelSit Down3/26/19977/2001


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History:The family of founder Walter Knott sold the park in late 1997 for $245 million to Cedar Fair LP.

Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park, California, USA)

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Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park, California, USA)