4800 Kennywood Blvd.

Operating since 1898

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Telephone: 412-461-0500

Existing Roller Coasters (7)

ExterminatorSteelSit Down4/18/1999Operating
Jack RabbitWoodSit Down1920Operating
Lil' PhantomSteelSit Down1996Operating
Phantom's RevengeSteelSit Down1991Operating
RacerWoodSit Down1927Operating
Sky RocketSteelSit Down6/29/2010Operating
ThunderboltWoodSit Down1924Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (11)

Brownie CoasterWoodSit Down19281953 or later
DipperWoodSit Down19481984
Gee Whizz Dip the DipsWoodSit Down19021921
Laser LoopSteelSit Down19801990
RacerWoodSit Down19101926
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down1905 - 19041910
Speed-O-PlaneWoodSit Down19111923
SteeplechaseSteelSit Down19031904
Teddy BearWoodSit Down19351947
TicklerWoodSit Down19311952
Wild MouseSteelSit Down19581960


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Owner / Operator:Created and operated by the Monongahela Railway Co. until F.W. Henninger and Andrew McSwigan purchased the park in 1906.  The Henninger and McSwigan families in fourth and fifth generation operated the park through the 2007 season.  Parques Reunidos purchased the park in 2008 (the announcement was made on 12/11/2007).

Kennywood (West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA)

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Kennywood (West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA)