Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park

Wisconsin Dells Parkway (Hwy 12)


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Telephone: 608-254-2490

Existing Roller Coasters (5)

CyclopsWoodSit Down1995Operating
Hades 360WoodSit Down5/14/2005Operating
Little TitansSteelSit Down2000Operating
PegasusWoodSit Down1996Operating
ZeusWoodSit Down6/7/1997Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Dive to AtlantisSteelSit Down20042007
OpaSteelSit Down3/18/20063/6/2014


Former names:Mt. Olympus Theme Park (2004)
Big Chief Carts And Coasters (? to 2003)
Owner / Operator:The park was originally founded, owned and operated by Jim Laskaris until his death in 2003.  The park is now owned and operated by his son, Nickolaos Laskaris and his wife Eva, as well as Jim's daughter Penelope and her husband, Nicholaos Rokanas.

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA)

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Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA)