Conneaut Lake Park

12382 Center Street

Operating since 2009

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Telephone: 814-382-5115

Existing Roller Coasters (3)

Blue StreakWoodSit Down1938Operating
Little DipperSteelSit Down1950Operating
TobogganSteelSit Down2002SBNO

Defunct Roller Coasters (4)

Go GatorSteelSit Down20112011
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down19091936
Virginia ReelWoodSit Down1911
Wild MouseSteelSit Down19611990


Former names:Exposition Park (1892 to 1919)
Former status:Operated from 1996 to 2006
Operated from 1892 to 1994

Conneaut Lake Park (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

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Conneaut Lake Park (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)