Indiana Beach

5224 East Indiana Beach Road

Operating since 1926

Parks nearby

Telephone: 574-583-4141

Existing Roller Coasters (7)

Cornball ExpressWoodSit Down5/18/2001Operating
Dragon WagonSteelSit Down2014Under Construction
GalaxiSteelSit Down1971Operating
Hoosier HurricaneWoodSit Down5/27/1994Operating
Lost Coaster of Superstition MountainWoodSit Down6/8/2002Operating
Steel HawgSteelSit Down7/5/2008Operating
Tig'rr CoasterSteelSit Down1984Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Little DipperSteelSit Down1950s1970s


Former names:Ideal Beach (1926 to 1951)

Indiana Beach (Monticello, Indiana, USA)

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Indiana Beach (Monticello, Indiana, USA)