Casino Pier

800 Ocean Terrace


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Telephone: 732-793-6488

Existing Roller Coasters (2)

Hot TamalesSteelSit Down2003Operating
Pirates HideawaySteelSit Down5/29/2007Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (8)

Dragon WagonSteelSit Down2004 or earlier
Hells AngelsSteelSit Down1965 or later1969
Jet StarSteelSit Down19702000
Star JetSteelSit Down20022012
Wild MouseSteelSit Down5/28/19992012
Wild MouseSteelSit Down1956 - 19631965
Wizard's CavernSteelSit Down2003
unknownSteelSit Down1952

Casino Pier (Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA)

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Casino Pier (Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA)