Santa's Village AZoosment Park

601 Dundee Avenue

Operating since 2011

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Telephone: 847-426-6751

Existing Roller Coasters (2)

Dragon CoasterSteelSit Down2011Operating
WildCatSteelSit Down2014Under Construction

Defunct Roller Coasters (7)

Candy Cane CoasterSteelSit Down19641966
DracorSteelSit Down19861994
Dragon CoasterSteelSit Down19952006
GalaxiSteelSit Down19871996
Snowball ExpressSteelSit Down1985
Swiss TobogganSteelSit Down1971
TyphoonSteelSit Down7/27/19982006


Former names:Santa's Village (1959 to 2005)
Former status:Operated from 1959 to 2005
Fan web sites:Santa's Village
Location:AZoosment Park operates on six acres of the former Santa's Village property -- starting with the original entrance and going north from there.  The old Santa's Village address was 899 Dundee Avenue.  The south side of the former park is now home to "Paintball Explosion".

Santa's Village AZoosment Park (Dundee, Illinois, USA)

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Santa's Village AZoosment Park (Dundee, Illinois, USA)