Pontchartrain Beach

Elysian Fields & Lakeshore Drive

Defunct, Operated from 1939 to 1983

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Defunct Roller Coasters (5)

GalaxiSteelSit Down1977
Ragin' CajunSteelSit Down19781983
Wild MausWoodSit Down1959
ZephyrWoodSit Down19391983
Zephyr Jr.WoodSit Down19491983


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Location:Pontchartrain Beach was moved to this location to location in 1939.  It existed a few miles away previously.

Condominiums were originally going to be built on the site, but that never happened.  After sitting empty for about 15 years the University of New Orleans bought the land and built a research park.

Pontchartrain Beach (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

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Pontchartrain Beach (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)