Belle Island Village

One Island Drive

Defunct, Operated from ? to 7/2001

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Telephone: 865-429-6425

Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Little DSteelSit Down
Thunder EagleWoodSit Down5/1/20006/2003


Former names:Race World (? to 2001)
History:In 2009 Race World was to reopen as Belle Island Village, a project consisting of the Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Motion Picture Museum, the Darrell Waltrip Racing Experience, Otter Cove and Carnival Cove.  The Carnival Cove was to have a Zamperla Twister Coaster 420STD called Twister Mountain.  The project was canceled in the early stages of construction due to funding issues.

Belle Island Village (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA)

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Belle Island Village (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA)