Parc Astérix

BP8, 60128

Operating since 4/30/1989

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Telephone: 03 44 62 34 04

Existing Roller Coasters (6)

GoudurixSteelSit Down4/30/1989Operating
SOS NumérobisSteelSit Down1990Operating
Tonnerre de ZeusWoodSit Down1997Operating
Trace Du HourraSteelBobsled3/31/2001Operating
Vol D'IcareSteelSit Down1994Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Ronde des RondinsSteelSit Down1991 or earlier9/2013


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Etymology:Parc Astérix is based on the comic books about "Astérix the Gaul" by two Frenchmen, Goscinny and Uderzo.  The stories are set around 50 B.C. when Julius Caesar had conquered vast regions of France.  In the stories there is one small village left that won't surrender to the Romans.  The villagers have a magic potion that makes them invincible, helping them to keep the Romans out.  One of these villagers is called Astérix.

Parc Astérix (Plailly, Picardie, France)

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Parc Astérix (Plailly, Picardie, France)