Existing Roller Coasters (6)

DrakoSteelSit Down1992Operating
El CondorSteelInverted5/1994Operating
GoliathSteelSit Down3/29/2002Operating
Robin HoodWoodSit Down2000Operating
Speed of SoundSteelSit Down4/22/2000Operating
Xpress: Platform 13SteelSit Down4/2000Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Flying Dutchman Gold MineSteelSit Down20002010


Former names:Walibi World (2005 to 2010)
Six Flags Holland (2000 to 2004)
Walibi Flevo (1994 to 1999)
Flevohof (1971 to 1991)
Former status:Operated from 5/21/1971 to 1991
Fan web sites:Walibi Web
History:Originally operated as an educational park under the Flevohof name from about 1971 until 1991.

The Walibi Group acquired the park in 1994 and reopened it as an amusement park.

Premier Parks purchased the Walibi Group in 1998.  Later in the year Premier Parks purchased Six Flags Corporation and in 2000 dropped the Premier Parks name in favor of the more popular Six Flags brand name.

For the 2000 season Six Flags introduced a significant number of new attractions including four new roller coasters.  Simultaneously, the park was renamed as Six Flags Holland.

In early 2004 Six Flags sold their European parks (excluding their small portion of Warner Bros. Movie World in Madrid, Spain) to Palamon Capitol Partners who now operate the parks under the Star Parks Europe name.  The park continued to operate as Six Flags Holland for the remainder of the season and the park was renamed Walibi World for the 2005 season.

In the spring of 2006 Star Parks sold Walibi World to Grévin & Cie.

Walibi Holland (Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, Netherlands)

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Walibi Holland (Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, Netherlands)