Defunct Roller Coasters (13)

Big AppleSteelSit Down19829/5/2006
Circus ClownSteelSit Down1984 or earlier1984 or later
CycloneWoodSit Down3/26/19379/5/2006
Figure EightWoodSit Down19081936
Junior CycloneSteelSit Down1970s1970s
King Solomon's MinesWoodSit Down20009/5/2006
Looping StarSteelSit Down19851987
Mad MouseWoodSit Down19831984
Mountain CaterpillarWoodSit Down19251946
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down19221946
Switchback RailwayWoodSit Down1895
WildcatSteelSit Down19789/5/2006


Former names:New Pleasureland Southport (2007 to ?)
Pleasureland Southport (1912 to 2006)
History:For the 1924 season the park was relocated to its current location along the beach.
Notes:On 9/5/2006 Pleasureland Southport abruptly ended when owners Pleasure Beach, Blackpool closed the park without prior notice.

The site was leased by the "Dreamstorm" company to be used as a fairgrounds sort of venue.  The original lease was for 18 months starting in July of 2007 and ending after the summer of 2008.  This was extended one or more times as the operation continues into the 2011 season.  On this site now are a constantly changing collection of rides setup by traveling showmen from the area.  It is beyond the scope of this website to detail the roller coasters as they change as frequently as every month.

Southport Pleasureland (Southport, Merseyside, England, UK)

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Southport Pleasureland (Southport, Merseyside, England, UK)