Camelot Theme Park

Charnock Richard

Defunct, Operated from 4/1983 to 9/2/2012

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Defunct Roller Coasters (9)

Caterpillar CapersSteelSit Down19919/2/2012
Dragon FlyerSteelSit Down19879/2/2012
GauntletSteelSit Down20012006
Junior Dragon CoasterSteelSit Down19929/2/2012
KnightmareSteelSit Down7/20079/2/2012
SorcererSteelSit Down19951997
Tower of TerrorSteelSit Down19892000
VenomSteelSit Down19952005 or earlier
WhirlwindSteelSit Down20039/2/2012

Camelot Theme Park (Chorley, Lancashire, England, UK)

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Camelot Theme Park (Chorley, Lancashire, England, UK)