Enchanted Island

1202 West Encanto Boulevard

Operating since 1991


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Telephone: 602-254-1200

Existing Roller Coasters (1)

Dragon WagonSteelSit Down1991 - 2002Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Little DipperSteelSit Down1946 - 19511986 or earlier


Former names:Kiddieland (1946 to 1986)
Former status:Operated from 1946 to 1986
Location:Located inside of Encanto Park.
History:The original Kiddieland at Encanto Park was auctioned off by Norton of Michigan in 1986.

Dr. F. W. Nelson was the original owner/operator of Kiddieland.  The 1953 NAAPPB (National Association of Amusement Parks, Pools, and Beaches) handbook lists 2 major and 7 kiddie rides at Kiddieland.  This data is assumed to be a few years out-of-date as a 1951 article in Billboard Magazine mentions 3 new rides were added to the park that year bringing the total to 12.

Enchanted Island (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

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Enchanted Island (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)