Plopsaland De Panne

De Pannelaan 68

Operating since 1935

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Telephone: +32 (0) 58 42 02 02

Existing Roller Coasters (5)

Anubis: The RideSteelSit Down4/5/2009Operating
DraakSteelSit Down4/3/2004Operating
RollerskaterSteelSit Down1990Operating
Viktor's RaceSteelSit Down4/5/2014Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (4)

Crazy CoasterSteelSit Down12/19/20091/3/2010
JubiléSteelSit Down19952000
Vierer-BobSteelSit Down1990s
Viktor's RaceSteelSit Down197611/3/2013


Former names:Plopsaland (4/29/2000 to 2005)
Meli Park (1935 to 1999)
Fan web sites:Plopsaland Fansite
History:When the park operated under the "Meli Park" name it was themed around "Bees".  The park had it's own bee hives and sold honey and honey products.  "Studio 100" and VTM ("Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij" Dutch for "Flemish Television Company", "Flemish" being the language of northern Belgium) bought the park after the 1999 season and has themed the park based on it's various T.V. series.

The Parks name comes from two of Studio 100's shows: "Samson and Gert" and  "Kabouter Plop" ("Dwarf Plop" in English).  So take "Plop" from  "Kabouter Plop", "sa" from  "Samson and Gert"  and add "land" - you get: "Plopsaland".

Plopsaland De Panne (Adinkerke-De Panne, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium)

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Plopsaland De Panne (Adinkerke-De Panne, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium)