Brean Leisure Park

Coast Road


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Telephone: 01278 751595

Existing Roller Coasters (4)

Astro StormSteelSit Down7/23/2011Operating
CaterpillarSteelSit Down2001Operating
Magic MouseSteelSit Down2007Operating
Shock WaveSteelSit Down2004Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (7)

Crazy MouseSteelSit Down20022004
Crazy MouseSteelSit Down20062006
Dragon CoasterSteelSit Down2000
Figure of EightSteelSit Down19982001
Run Away Mine TrainSteelSit Down20022003 or earlier
Sky Ways Roller CoasterSteelSit Down2005
Wild MouseSteelSit Down7/19881996 or later

Brean Leisure Park (Brean, Somerset, England, UK)

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Brean Leisure Park (Brean, Somerset, England, UK)