Europa Park

Europapark-Straße 2

Operating since 7/12/1975

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Telephone: (+49) 0180/ 5 77 66 88

Existing Roller Coasters (12)

AlpenexpressSteelSit Down1984Operating
Arthur - die AttraktionSteelInverted2014Under Construction
Atlantica SuperSplashSteelSit Down3/19/2005Operating
blue fire MegacoasterSteelSit Down4/4/2009Operating
Euro MirSteelSit Down1997Operating
EurosatSteelSit Down1989Operating
Matterhorn BlitzSteelSit Down3/25/1999Operating
PegasusSteelSit Down5/25/2006Operating
PoseidonSteelSit Down2000Operating
Schweizer BobbahnSteelBobsled1985Operating
Silver StarSteelSit Down3/23/2002Operating
Wodan Timbur CoasterWoodSit Down3/31/2012Operating


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Europa Park (Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany)

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Europa Park (Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany)