Hansa Park

Am Fahrenkrog 1

Operating since 1973


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Telephone: (+49)04563-474-0

Existing Roller Coasters (6)

Crazy MineSteelSit Down1997Operating
Die Schlange von MidgardSteelSit Down4/15/2011Operating
Fluch von NovgorodSteelSit Down4/9/2009Operating
Nessie SuperrollercoasterSteelSit Down4/1980Operating
Rasender RolandSteelSit Down1993Operating
Schwur des KärnanSteelSit Down2015Under Construction

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

SeeschlangeSteelSit Down19771992


Former names:Hansaland (5/15/1977 to 1986)
Legoland Sierksdorf (1973 to 1976)
History:Opened in 1973 as Legoland Sierksdorf, the second Legoland after Legoland Billund.  After only a few years the park was sold and became Hansaland.  In the early Hansaland years Lego buildings could still be found at the park.

Hansa Park (Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

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Hansa Park (Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)