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SpreeblitzSteelSit DownSBNO

Defunct Roller Coasters (5)

AchterbahnSteelSit Down1970s
AchterbahnSteelSit Down1989
Fun ExpressSteelSit Down2001
Jet StarSteelSit Down19702001
Mega Looping BahnSteelSit Down2003


Former names:Kulturpark Plänterwald (1969 to 1989)
Former status:Operated from 10/1969 to 2001
History:The owner of Spree Park, Norbert Witte went bankrupt and left Germany rather abruptly.  He took several of the park's rides including the Jet Star and Fun Express with him to Peru where he was to open a small park called Lunapark at Jockey Plaza in Lima, Peru.  Some of the rides were damaged in transit and then followed by legal discussions of who would pay for the damages.

In the later half of 2002 there are reports that Mr. Witte has returned to Germany.

One reason Mr. Witte has stated for the failure of Spree Park is the lack of parking.  Spree Park is located in a protected forest so one cannot simply cut down the trees and build a parking lot.

Spreepark (Berlin, Berlin, Germany)

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Spreepark (Berlin, Berlin, Germany)