Gröna Lund

Operating since 1883

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Telephone: +46 (0) 8-587 501 00

Existing Roller Coasters (7)

InsaneSteel4th Dimension4/25/2009Operating
JetlineSteelSit Down1988Operating
NyckelpiganSteelSit Down1976Operating
Tuff-Tuff TågetSteelSit Down4/24/2010Operating
TwisterWoodSit Down5/7/2011Operating
Vilda MusenSteelSit Down4/18/2003Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (6)

Berg och dalbananWoodSit Down19311965
Blauer EnzianSteelSit Down19801982
BobsleighbananWoodSit Down19341934
Jet Star IISteelSit Down19821983
RadarSteelSit Down19651981
ThrillerSteelSit Down19961996

Gröna Lund (Stockholm, Stockholms, Sweden)

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Gröna Lund (Stockholm, Stockholms, Sweden)