Wiener Prater

Prater 9

Operating since 1766

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Telephone: +43 728-05-16

Existing Roller Coasters (10)

Auto BergBahnWoodSit DownOperating
BoomerangSteelSit Down1992Operating
Der Zug des ManituSteelSit Down2002Operating
Dizzy MouseSteelSit Down1998Operating
HochschaubahnWoodSit Down1950Operating
InsiderSteelSit Down8/25/2013Operating
MegablitzSteelSit Down1994Operating
Super 8er BahnSteelSit Down1997Operating
Wilde MausSteelSit Down1997Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (21)

AchterbahnWoodSit Down1927
Cortina BobSteelSit Down19691993
DüsenspiraleSteelSit Down19641968
EinschienenbahnWoodSit Down1955
FlugbahnWoodSit Down19351945
GalaxiaSteelSit Down4/26/20082009
HochbahnSteelSit Down19791996
HochbahnSteelSit Down19661977
HochbahnWoodSit Down1965
HochschaubahnWoodSit Down19091944
Jet-Star IISteelSit Down
Looping BahnSteelSit Down19851995
LoopingbahnWoodSit Down1/19481965
Luna-BahnWoodSit Down1910
Niagara-WasserbahnWoodSit Down19281931
RodelbahnWoodSit Down19401959
Speeedy GonzalesSteelSit Down19851987
Vierer-BobSteelSit Down19781978
WasserrutschbahnWoodSit Down18991902
Wiener LoopingSteelSit Down19821982
Wilde MausSteelSit Down19961997


Notes:Except for the old Ferris wheel, Wiener Prater is made up of several showmen companies, so you must pay separately for each ride.

Wiener Prater (Vienna, Vienna, Austria)

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Wiener Prater (Vienna, Vienna, Austria)