Existing Roller Coasters (5)

Bat Hatari: Perseguição em Gotham CitySteelSit Down1999Operating
KatapulSteelSit Down1999Operating
MontezumWoodSit Down1999Operating
VurangSteelSit Down1999Operating
unknownSteelSit Down2012In Storage


Etymology:The names "Playcenter Serra Azul" and "Playcenter's Great Adventure" are often associated with this park.  Both of the names seem to have been discontinued before the park opened.
History:Initially scheduled to open in April 1998.
Owner / Operator:Owned by Grand Prix Enterprises until 2009 when Hopi Hari was sold for the symbolic value of R$0,01 to Integra Associados.  Integra Associados then created Hopi Hari S/A as a new company which has owned/operated the park since.

Hopi Hari (Vinhedo, São Paulo, Brazil)

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Hopi Hari (Vinhedo, São Paulo, Brazil)