Jin Jiang Action Park / 锦江乐园

No.201, Hong Mei Road

Operating since 2/2/1985


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Telephone: (86) 21 - 64364956

Existing Roller Coasters (5)

Giant Inverted BoomerangSteelInverted9/30/2011Operating
Karst Cave CoasterSteelSit Down2005 or earlierOperating
Moto CoasterSteelSit Down2009Operating
Roller CoasterSteelSit Down2/1/1985Operating
Spinning CoasterSteelSit Down2004Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Inertia CoasterSteelSit Down20032003


Former names:Jin Jiang Amusement Park (Chinese: 锦江乐园) (? to 2008)
Etymology:For the 2009 season the park changed the "Amusement" to "Action" in the English writing of their name.  The Chinese symbols have not changed.  Occasionally the third symbol will be seen written "樂" rather than "乐" -- this is just a difference between traditional and simplified Chinese writing.
Directions:Jin Jiang Action Park has its own stop on the Shanghai Metro (上海地铁).  The Jin Jiang Park Station (锦江乐园站) is on Line 1 (Red) and on the oppisite side of the crossing of Zonghuan Road (中环路) and the Humin Elevated Road (沪闵高架路) from the park.

Jin Jiang Action Park (Xuhui, Shanghai, China)

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Jin Jiang Action Park (Xuhui, Shanghai, China)