MGM Dizzee World

1/74, New Mahabalipuram Road

Operating since 1995

Parks nearby

Telephone: 04114-45491,92,93

Existing Roller Coasters (5)

Mini Roller CoasterSteelSit Down2007 or earlierOperating
Reindeer CoasterSteelSit Down2007 or earlierOperating
Roller CoasterSteelSit Down1996 - 2002Operating
TornadoSteelSit Down2002 or earlierOperating
Water CoasterSteelSit Down2010 - 2012Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Water ChuteSteelSit Down2002 or earlier2007


Owner / Operator:Owned by MGM Diamond Beach Resorts.

MGM Dizzee World (Muttukadu, Tamil Nadu, India)

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MGM Dizzee World (Muttukadu, Tamil Nadu, India)