Parque de la Ciudad

Avda. Cruz y Escalada.

Operating since 2/3/2007

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Telephone: (005411) 4605-3332 / 4605-2050/59

Existing Roller Coasters (7)

AconcaguaSteelSit Down2/1983SBNO
Alpen BlitzSteelSit Down4/1983SBNO
JetStarSteelSit Down1984In Storage
Montaña Rusa InfantilSteelSit Down12/1982SBNO
Super Montaña Rusa InfantilSteelSit Down2/1983SBNO
VertigoramaSteelSit Down1983SBNO
Wild CatSteelSit Down12/1982SBNO


Former names:Interama Park
Former status:Operated from 9/21/1982 to 11/10/2003
Fan web sites:Organizacion por la Conservacion del Parque de la Ciudad
Etymology:"Parque de la Ciudad" is Spanish for "Park of the City" or "City Park".
History:This park was the subject of a nationally known scandal during the construction and early years of the park.  It  involved misdeeds under the former military dictatorship and as a result the park was never properly completed.  A lawsuit exists between the city and the former owners "Parques Interama, S.A.", which has yet to be resolved.  The park is now operated by the city government under the name "Parque de la Ciudad".
Notes:On 11/10/2003 the park closed for what their website is called maintenance reasons.  The park was expected to reopen the following year, the reopening did not occur until February 3rd, 2007.  At the time of the reopening, just kiddie rides were operating.  More and more rides are expected to reopen as time goes on.

Parque de la Ciudad (Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Parque de la Ciudad (Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina)