850 Sunrise Highway

Defunct, Operated from 1939 to 9/1995

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Roller CoasterSteelSit Down19549/1995
unknownSteelSit Down1939 or later1953


Fan web sites:nunley's... do you remember?
History:In 1993 King Kullen (a supermarket chain) tried to buy Nunley's but was unsuccessful.  In 1995 Nunley's owner sold the land to Pep Boys (an automotive chain).

Nunley's carousel was built by Stein & Goldstein. It originally opened in 1912 at Coney Island and Nunley's bought it in 1940.  After Nunley's closed, the carousel was placed in storage at the Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY,  next to the Long Island Children's Museum. The carousel will reopen after a new museum is built in its honor. The museum will hold the carousel, the brass ring cafe, a gift shop and a history of the carousel.  Billy Joel wrote the waltz that will be played on the carousel.

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Nunley's (Baldwin, New York, USA)

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Nunley's (Baldwin, New York, USA)