Canadian National Exhibition

Operating since 9/3/1879

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Defunct Roller Coasters (8)

FlyerWoodSit Down19531992
FlyerWoodSit Down19321937
Jumbo JetSteelSit Down
Love BugsSteelSit Down1972 or later
Royal Ascot RacerWoodSit Down19121919
Scenic Auto-DipWoodSit Down19021906
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down18861891 or later
Wild MouseWoodSit Down19601968


Notes:The Canadian National Exhibition's rides are provides by Conklin shows.  These rides are traveling rides and leave after the exhibition is over.  Only the parks former fixed wooden roller coasters are listed on the rcdb.

Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

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Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)