Parque Rodó

Operating since 2006 or earlier

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Existing Roller Coasters (1)

Gusanito ManzanaSteelSit Down2006 or earlierOperating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Montana RusaSteelSit Down19932013


Location:The rides at Parque Rodó are in two different sections, have different operating hours and different ticket booths.  The Gusanito Manzana and other family rides are located on the north side of the road and inland while the Montana Rusa and more extreme rides are on the south side of the road at waters edge.  Parque Rodó is a much larger area that includes the adjacent stadium and green area to the north.  The parks are through to be nameless concessions operating within the park.

Parque Rodó (Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay)

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Parque Rodó (Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay)