Luna Park

1000 Surf Avenue

Operating since 1927 or earlier

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Telephone: 718-373-LUNA

Existing Roller Coasters (4)

Circus CoasterSteelSit Down5/29/2010Operating
CycloneWoodSit Down6/26/1927Operating
ThunderboltSteelSit Down2014Under Construction
TicklerSteelSit Down5/29/2010Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (4)

Big AppleSteelSit Down1981 - 19862008
Dragon WagonSteelSit Down20092009
Giant RacerWoodSit Down19111926
unknownSteelSit Down


Former names:Dreamland Amusement Park (2009)
Astroland (? to 2008)
Notes:The former owners of Astroland, the Albert Family, sold their land to Thor Equities in late 2006.  For the next two seasons, they leased the land back from Thor Equities and continued to operate the park.  A lease agreement could not be reached for the 2009 season and what was Astroland closed.

In 2009, Dreamland Amusement Park, essentially a traveling carnival, was setup on the Astroland site while the details on a new operator and lease were worked out.  During this time the Albert Family continued to operate the Cyclone on the adjacent city owned property as they did since the early 1970s.

The Italian ride manufacturer, Zamperla, won the bid to operate rides for 10 years on the former site of Astroland starting in 2010.  Zamperla also took over the operation of the adjacent Cyclone.

Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

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Luna Park (Brooklyn, New York, USA)