Aoyun Fuwa Paradise / 奥运福娃乐园

Operating since 2008 or earlier

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Directions:The closest Beijing Subway (北京地铁) stop to Aoyun Fuwa Paradise is the Jiaomen West Station (角门西站) on Line 4 (Turquoise) which is approximately 1.8 km (1.1 miles) northeast of the park.  Use Exit D and travel south on Majiapu West Road (马家堡西路), take the first right onto Jiaomen Road (角门路) after crossing a bridge over a small waterway.  Jiaomen Road (角门路) will head southwest and then and then west as it follows the waterway. The park will be on the south side of the road just before it crosses the waterway a second time.
Theme:This park is themed as the mascot of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Friendlies.

Aoyun Fuwa Paradise (Fengtai, Beijing, China)

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Aoyun Fuwa Paradise (Fengtai, Beijing, China)