Foreigner Street / 洋人街

Operating since 2009 or earlier

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Existing Roller Coasters (3)

Crazy MouseSteelSit Down2005 - 2009Operating
Golden Dragon Roller CoasterSteelSit Down2005 - 2009Operating
Moto CoasterSteelSit Down10/2012Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

unknownSteelSit Down20112011 - 2012


Etymology:"Foreigner Street" isn't the name of this park so much as it is the name of the area.  This is not a "park" in the traditional sense, but rides scattered about the area along with restaurants and shops owned by different people.  Written on an entrance to one groups of rides is "无主题乐园" / "Non-topic park".

Foreigner Street (Nan'an, Chongqing, China)

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Foreigner Street (Nan'an, Chongqing, China)