Wuhan Peace Park / 武汉市和平公园 / Wǔhàn Chì Hépíng Gōng Yuán

Operating since 2005 or earlier

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Telephone: +86 27 8635 2275

Existing Roller Coasters (3)

Gliding DragonSteelSit Down2012Operating
Jungle Flying SquirrelSteelSit Down2012Operating
unknownSteelSit Down2005 or earlierSBNO

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

unknownSteelSit Down2005 or earlier2010 - 2011

Wuhan Peace Park (Qingshan, Wuhan, Hubei, China)

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Wuhan Peace Park (Qingshan, Wuhan, Hubei, China)